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Unrestrained, totally crazy for the new-country music, after many years of professional activity in other areas we created in 2008 the project ...

                     "RED CADILLAC GANG".

                     Conny Martin & Gianni Sava

The band well founded in 2009 by the German popstar Conny Martin and her husband pianist, keyboardist, arranger and singer Gianni Sava, in a few years it has achieved great public and critical acclaim by winning prestigious awards in this sector, as one of the leading bands of the New-Country Music in Europe. The two musicians, from the American pop-rock-blues background and whose professional history is full of personal affirmations in Europe, lead the Red Cadillac Gang, to achieve prestigious achievements in a short time, in national and international events throughout Italy and most of Europe.

The concerts of the RCG, two musicians, or three musicians or with the whole gang we are defined by the critics, absolutely ..... EXPLOSIVES! - ENTHUSIASMANTS! - FUN! - INVOLVING!


The Red Cadillac Gang, offers a live show different and suitable for everyone, of extreme interest, engaging, pleasant, fun, without any vulgarity, inserted in a context of theme sets and original choreography entrusted (on request) to professional dancers, champions of the "country line-dance" world. A show able to intercept and interest, not only the general public of fans but also the public neophyte of all ages.

Line-up 2018/19

CONNY MARTIN - lead voice
Loris De Carlo - drums
Dave Tufano - guitars
Davide Quaranta - bass